2011 Airline OPS Winners:

Major International Airlines:
Major North American Airlines:
Major European Airlines:
Major Asian Airlines:
Regional North American Airlines:
Regional European Airlines:
Regional Asian Airlines:
Major International Airlines Operated and Codeshare Flights:

2011 Airport OPS Winners:

Major International Airports:
Major North American Airports:
Major European Airports:
Major Asian Airports:
Regional North American Airports:
Regional European Airports:
Regional Asian Airports:
Port of Portland 2010 Trophy Presentation

Flightstats On-time Performance Service Awards

The FlightStats On-time Performance Service (OPS) Awards recognize airlines and airports around the world that deliver the highest percentage of flights to their arrival gates within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.

To determine the finalists and winners, FlightStats examines flight status and arrival data aggregated from global sources including civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, and major airline reservation systems.

FlightStats is pleased to be able to recognize operational excellence on the part of airlines and airports around the globe and help call attention to those airlines and airports that stand above the rest. The company has been tracking air travel on-time performance since 2004.

JAL 2010 Trophy Presentation

Japan Airlines International wins three 2010 On-time Performance Service Awards. The categories include Major International Airlines, Major Asian Airlines, and Regional Asian Airlines.

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Flightstats 2011 OPS Web Badges

Airlines and airports who earn the right to display these badges have demonstrated a sustained level of operational excellence with on-time performance well above the industry average.

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Flightstats 2010 OPS Trophies

Winners in each category will be presented with engraved trophies to commemorate their achievement.

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